The Importance of Stories, Traditions and Strengths in Happy Families

Last night I attended a Parent Masterclass at our school, St Paul’s, on, amongst other things, Developing Strong Relationships with Children. The session was facilitated by year 3 teacher Erin Casablanca and it was truly moving and inspiring. Erin discussed how a common denominator amongst happy families are these three things: story telling, valuing and continuing traditions and celebrating each other’s strengths. This struck a chord with me because I could see that this was something that we did in my family growing up. My parents and grandparents were forever telling stories about the old times and my Mom used to tell me stories that she would make up about a girl called Katrina. The stories often had a moral and loosely reflected what I was going through in my own life. We had a lot of traditions in our family – at Christmas, Hallowe’en, Easter etc. We always had dinner together and that was when we came together and discussed our day. And of course, there was a lot of praise for each other too. Stories, traditions, strengths = happy families!

Erin spoke about how these three things can be transferred into the classroom to make…happy classrooms! It makes so much sense it kind of blew my mind.

Of course, I was also interested in the story telling aspect of the session and Erin told a very moving Buddhist story called ‘First you, then me’. Read it here if you are interested. The entire evening was so wonderful and I had a bit of a revelation: St Paul’s isn’t just my son’s school – it is OUR school because we are all learning at the school.


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