Thank you Babyology for the lovely review!

I am thrilled that Babyology posted such a lovely review of Max & George in the Sunday Arts section of the website on 19 May 2013 (review by Katrina Whelen). To read the review, click here: Babyology review of Max & George.

These types of reviews mean a lot to me because they show that readers ‘get’ the book. I think this review is a great summation of the story, so you should read it in full, but otherwise I’d like to share this quote:

Ultimately, Max makes friends with other kids and stops looking in windows. I actually found the end of this story quite poignant – an important part of growing up is giving away imaginary friends and security blankets but it doesn’t mean it’s not a teensy bit sad!

This is a terrific book for kids who are a little anxious about new situations and strikes a good balance between holding onto familiar comforts and facing new experiences. Kids avoiding giving up their security blanket or similar will happily note that on the last page of this story, Max is not completely without George.

Thank you Babyology! You really brightened my otherwise dreary, grey Wednesday!

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