Read to Kids!

One of the most important activities parents and carers can do with kids is reading. And it is pretty simple really; find a good quality picture book, settle into a comfy place and start reading. Reading to kids also calms them down and is a lovely, quiet activity. Reading a book can, of course, also be an exciting adventure; use different voices for different characters or discuss the sorts of sounds the animals might make.

It doesn’t take a scientist or a professional to see that by simply reading to young kids (from birth) you can enhance their literacy, numeracy, problem solving, analytical and creative skills. And, best of all, you can do it for free with a library card. But it doesn’t cost a lot to buy good quality books and, in my experience, books become treasured memories from childhood that people hang on to.

And who doesn’t love picture books? There is a kid in every adult, I am sure, that loves the joy and creative expression of a good picture book.

So, go on, turn the computer off, and read a book to a child.