More wonderful feedback on ‘All I Want for Christmas is Rain’

Today I received this wonderful feedback from a colleague from my last office on my new book All I Want for Christmas is Rain. It meant so much to me to think that my book helped someone relive memories of their childhood and family. I may have gotten a wee bit emotional. It is feedback like this that makes me so proud of this book. Part of me feels like this is a little bit of a thank you to Australia for giving me such a great life since I moved here in 2000 (from Canada). Thank you!

‘Hi Cori! How are you? Congratulations on your latest book! We were at our library recently and Madeline found it in the new release section so we’ve been enjoying it at home. After we returned it I went hunting for it but our local book shop had sold out. Then I saw my mum today who told me how excited she was to find the most beautiful Christmas story for our kids and my sisters twins. She said she was so excited when she saw it as it reminded her of her dad who grew up on a drought affected farm in the Malley, Victoria and he would tell us as a boy he only ever wanted rain from Santa . So I asked mum if it was your book and turns out she bought the last 4 copies from the store. She says to say she loved it and it brought back memories of her dad and her own childhood on farms. And it reminded her of an Australian movie we liked as kids called Bushfire Moon. Mum was thrilled I knew you as she wanted to pass on her congratulations and thanks for such a beautiful book (as do I). We also regularly enjoy your other books too. Madeline always pulls out Fearless with Dad any time Tim returns from a long work trip and has him read it over and over for days.’

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