Max & George review in Mummy Ate Me blog

Thanks to Vic at blog ‘Mummy Ate Me’ for posting a lovely review of Max & George on 9 April 2013. Click here to read the review.

Incidentally, if you are a Mom or know a Mom or have a Mom, you will find this post about sneaky eating by Vic from ‘Mummy Ate Me’ quite relevant and funny (she talks hiding in her bathroom eating corn chips). I am a Mom, know lots of Moms and, surprise surprise, I have a Mom and I couldn’t help but think that throughout time Moms have been doing this. I can only imagine that thousands of years ago, when the guilty naughty treat was some hard-to-find berry or something, Moms were hiding off in a dank part of the cave chowing down.

But back to present day and corn chips: props to Vic for actually managing to get into the bathroom with packet of said corn chips unnoticed by her kids. And then – here are the big congrats – for being in the bathroom uninterrupted long enough to eat the corn chips. I know if I closed the door on my bathroom it would instantly get hammered on with ‘Mommy! What are you doing in there? Can I come in?’

Maybe kids instinctively know, from our cave-dwelling-berry-sneaking ancestral Moms, that we are actually sneaky eating in the bathroom.

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