Happy Book Week 2019! What is your secret power?

The 12 days of kindness traits

It is the Sunday night before book week begins: the sewing machines have been dusted off for another year and all over Australia the book week costumes are ready to roll. This year’s theme is great because it is super open to interpretation. My son, for example, has invented his own character, Super Chicken, and I would never crush his creativity with rules about characters in books… who knows, maybe Super Chicken will be in a book one day! I wish all the amazing and dedicated librarians a wonderful week – I know how much effort they put in and how much planning goes into making it a fabulous week for the kids. For book week, I am sharing an image from my fourth book, Twelve Days of Kindness. Let’s all practice being a little kinder, a little gentler and a little more patient with each other.

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