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Fun at Mary Ryan’s Milton for National Bookshop Day!

I enjoyed sharing some tips with Sophie Tarrant today on children’s book publishing (my experience of it, anyhow). I am always happy to share my stories with writing groups, writers and anyone else who is interested. Just ask!

Sophie showed me some of her work and it was really super! Thanks for sharing it with me Sophie!

Chatting with Sophie Tarrant

Chatting with Sophie Tarrant

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Zillmere Library reading and sing-a-long!

I’d like to thank Naomi for organising my reading at the Zillmere Library today. It was fun and I enjoyed singing to Brad’s guitar strumming!

Zillmere Library Reading 27 June 2013

Zillmere Library Reading 27 June 2013

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2 things – 2 different things…milk and a library reading

Okay so today I have to things to post…two different things, but both are wholesome and lovely:

1) I need to do a shout out for the Scenic Rim 4Real Milk dairy – I am very excited to try some of this milk…I just hope my closest Flannery’s hasn’t sold out!

2) This Thursday I will be doing a reading at Zillmere Library, starting at 10.30am – be there or be very square. It is where all the cool kids will be!

That is all!

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Thank you for my warm welcome from the years 3, 4 and 5 classes at Clayfield College!

Today I did a visit and reading for the years 3, 4 and 5 classes at Clayfield College. I had a marvelous time! The kids asked some great questions and were very well behaved.

We also managed to get Max & George up on the big screens in the auditorium, which made reading to such a large group much easier.

Thanks to the fabulous librarian, Ms Lassman for organising my visit (and for taking a few photos for me). As I keep saying, Librarians rock!

Clayfield College Visit 20 June 2013 Max & George on the big screens at Clayfield College 20 June 2013

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Clayfield College Visit tomorrow – am excited!

I am visiting a group of about 75 students at Clayfield College tomorrow – should be exciting AND I will have the use of technology! Hopefully will have photos to post.

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Bayside Star article on my visit to St Kieran’s 5 June 2013

Thanks to Lucy the lovely librarian at St Kieran’s for submitting this article and photo to the Bayside Star. Thanks again to the great kids for asking such fabulous questions.

Bayside Star article 5 June 2013

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St Kieran’s 16 May 2013 visit – super good fun!

Thank you to the lovely year 4 classes at St Kieran’s Brighton for their fabulous questions and comments during my visit on 16 May 2013. I had a great time and look forward to more school visits and readings. Here are some photos the lovely librarian Lucy sent me.

Talking about Max & George Reading Max & George Year 4 students at St Kieran's Signing St Kieran's copy of Max & George

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Max & George in ‘Mother & Baby’ magazine

Here’s another review of Max & George – this time in the ‘See hear’ section of the ‘Mother & Baby’ magazine. The review was in the June/July 2013 issue on page 100. Read it here: Australian Mother & Baby Max & George review

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Review in OZTL (which is a national network for teacher librarians)

I am loving the last line of this review in the OZTL, which is a national network for teacher librarians –

 Max was never lonely.  As long as there was a window, he had a friend because George lived in windows. No matter where the window was, Max could see George and he spent a long time looking at him. Because they were very similar – same height, same clothes, and whenever Max moved, so did George. They even shared the same feelings. But then the time comes for Max to start school. And he’s nervous.  Even though George was there in the school window, Max’s teacher made him sit where he couldn’t see him. Will Max find the confidence to leave George and make a real friend?

 This is a delightful book, perfect for the child about to start school and finding it hard to let go of what is known and take the leap into the unknown. With its charming illustrations, it will appeal to all children – those who are like Max and empathise with him, and those like Sam who are a bit more confident and can reassure him.  Tip for parents- teach your child a joke before they leave …

Review by Barbara Braxton, Teacher Librarian, M.Ed.(TL), M.App.Sci.(TL), M.I.S. (Children’s Services)

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Thank you Babyology for the lovely review!

I am thrilled that Babyology posted such a lovely review of Max & George in the Sunday Arts section of the website on 19 May 2013 (review by Katrina Whelen). To read the review, click here: Babyology review of Max & George.

These types of reviews mean a lot to me because they show that readers ‘get’ the book. I think this review is a great summation of the story, so you should read it in full, but otherwise I’d like to share this quote:

Ultimately, Max makes friends with other kids and stops looking in windows. I actually found the end of this story quite poignant – an important part of growing up is giving away imaginary friends and security blankets but it doesn’t mean it’s not a teensy bit sad!

This is a terrific book for kids who are a little anxious about new situations and strikes a good balance between holding onto familiar comforts and facing new experiences. Kids avoiding giving up their security blanket or similar will happily note that on the last page of this story, Max is not completely without George.

Thank you Babyology! You really brightened my otherwise dreary, grey Wednesday!

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