All I Want for Christmas is Rain

I can’t believe it is already December! Where did 2016 go? With a hot Australian Christmas just around the corner (it is already hot!), my new book All I Want for Christmas is Rain is on topic! I have been getting some fabulous feedback on my book, which is so lovely. I am really proud of this book. The brief from my publisher New Frontier was to write a Christmas book. My mission was clear: I wanted to write a book that was educational, very Australian and not about the commercial side of Christmas. I also wanted to touch Australian farmers because I have so much respect for them. And so the manuscript for All I Want for Christmas is Rain was born. New Frontier loved it and, lucky for me, they chose the fabulous Megan Forward to illustrate it for me.


And it has been getting some great press…

Read an article by the Rural Weekly about my new book here.

Megan Daley from Children’s Book Daily reviewed my book on Sarah Howells’ ABC show on 29 November 2016. You can listen to the audio here. My book is discussed first. I cried listening to this review – it meant so much to me. Thank you to Megan Daley for the review.

If you would like to find out how to get a copy of my book, contact me by email:

If you have read All I Want for Christmas is Rain and have feedback, please get in touch with me via Twitter, Facebook or email.

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