Max & George and Me and two other Queensland kid’s book authors in the Courier Mail

Max & George and I, along with two other Queensland authors, were featured in an article about new children’s books in the 25 April 2013 Courier Mail. To read the article in a .pdf file, please click here:‘Kids’ Books are Booming’ p 18 25 April 2013 Courier Mail

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Max & George books ordered for me to sell…to you!

I have ordered a quantity of Max & George to sell at library readings…first library reading will be at Zillmere library 27 June. More details to come.

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Reading (and other stuff) at Zillmere library, 27 June 2013

My first library reading will be at Zillmere library on 27 June 2013. I will do a reading, some (as yet undetermined) activities, sell copies of Max & George and sign those books.

Stay tuned here for more details!

Reading Max & George @ Riverbend Books

Reading Max & George @ Riverbend Books

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Reading and signing at Zillmere library…and maybe more on the Northside

I have been approached by the Zillmere library to do a reading/signing/book selling. It is a great opportunity and I will be doing it (details to come) and have expressed an interest in doing readings in all Northside libraries. If there are any children’ book authors out there who have any advice for me on this, I would love to hear it!

Watch this space for more info on this!

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Passing it on…about PASS IT ON…

I met a few fellow children’s book authors yesterday at a photo shoot for a story the Courier Mail is doing on three Queensland kid’s book writers. I was surprised that one of the ladies hadn’t heard of PASS IT ON by Jackie Hosking. I find PIO to be a valuable, weekly resource. It only costs, I think, around .70 cents a week and is packed with lots of interesting and useful info for people in (or interested in) the kid’s book area of publishing.

Here is Jackie describing PIO:

‘…PASS IT ON is a weekly, on-line, interactive, networking newsletter for those involved with or interested in the children’s writing & illustration industry.’

So, to find out more, follow this link: PASS IT ON

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Max & George review in Mummy Ate Me blog

Thanks to Vic at blog ‘Mummy Ate Me’ for posting a lovely review of Max & George on 9 April 2013. Click here to read the review.

Incidentally, if you are a Mom or know a Mom or have a Mom, you will find this post about sneaky eating by Vic from ‘Mummy Ate Me’ quite relevant and funny (she talks hiding in her bathroom eating corn chips). I am a Mom, know lots of Moms and, surprise surprise, I have a Mom and I couldn’t help but think that throughout time Moms have been doing this. I can only imagine that thousands of years ago, when the guilty naughty treat was some hard-to-find berry or something, Moms were hiding off in a dank part of the cave chowing down.

But back to present day and corn chips: props to Vic for actually managing to get into the bathroom with packet of said corn chips unnoticed by her kids. And then – here are the big congrats – for being in the bathroom uninterrupted long enough to eat the corn chips. I know if I closed the door on my bathroom it would instantly get hammered on with ‘Mommy! What are you doing in there? Can I come in?’

Maybe kids instinctively know, from our cave-dwelling-berry-sneaking ancestral Moms, that we are actually sneaky eating in the bathroom.

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Revew of Max & George in BRISBANE’S child magazine

To read a review of Max & George in the April edition of BRISBANE’S child magazine, click on the link below:

BRISBANE’S child review

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Max & George Official Launch @ Riverbend Books Bulimba

Yesterday, 11 April, my friends and family helped me celebrate the official launch of Max & George at the fabulous Riverbend Books Bulimba. Riverbend has an amazing kid’s book section, so what better place to launch a kid’s book? I spoke about writing Max & George, did a reading, said my thank you’s and then signed books. It was a super afternoon and I feel very lucky to have had so many fabulous people help me celebrate. Thanks to all the gorgeous people who attended, Krysi at Riverbend for organising the event and to Naoto Tanabe for photographing the event so beautifully.

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Max & George reviewed by the Australian Book Review

I was excited to find out about a wonderful review of Max & George in the April edition of the Australian Book Review!

“Cori Brooke and Sue deGennaro have collaborated on a story of the ultimate friendship, Max and George. The phase of a child’s life during which they have an imaginary friend seldom lasts long, but its emotional intensity resonates and is de-picted well here. Max and George dress alike, think alike, and ‘[share] the same feelings’. As long as Max had a window to look into, he always had George. But then his new teacher makes him sit away from the window. How will Max manage without George when he gets the jitters? DeGennaro makes inspired use of graph paper and fragments of worksheets in her compositions, and her use of school uniform blue conveys Max’s enclosed world. Brooke tells the story entirely in Max’s voice, while showing his parents’ tolerance, and this helps to make the ending a triumph.”

Click here to read in context (PDF)

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Max & George in the media

Cori-ArticleThis is my first newspaper article as an author, it appeared in my local free paper, the Bayside Star, on 20 March 2013, the day the book was released.

Another article was published in the Northside Chronicle on 27 March. Click here to view

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