Fearless with Dad is out now!

Book lovers! I am so pleased to announce that my new book, Fearless with Dad, is out now! This is a very special book to me and I think Giuseppe’s illustrations are so fresh, bright and superb – I hope you love them as much as I do.

Thank you to all involved in bringing this project to life: the entire team at New Frontier, Giuseppe Poli and my husband and son, for whom this book is written.

The launch is on 29 August 2015, 2pm, at ‘Where the Wild Things Are’, West End Brisbane – Giuseppe and I would love to see you all there! Please RSVP to Avid Reader, as per the invite below.

Cover_Fearless with Dad_R                   FearlesswithDadinvite

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Fearless with Dad launch date claimer – Saturday 29 August 2015 2pm

Hello children’s book lovers! Mark 2pm 29 August 2015 in your diary because you are cordially invited to Avid Reader’s children’s bookshop ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ for the launch of my second children’s book Fearless with Dad (due for release July 2015). The launch is one week before Father’s Day. How coincidental!

Giuseppe Poli and I will be signing books, I will do a reading of the book and there will be nibbles and drinks to celebrate.

If you would like a paper invite, please contact me at cori@coribrooke.com.au

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Two announcements: a new project and a big honor

Two announcements:

1) I am thrilled to announce that I am working on a new project with New Frontiers Publishing and fabulous illustrator Megan Forward. This new project is going to be very special and is due for release December 2016.

2) I am honored that I have been asked to be the guest speaker/presenter at The Literary Competition awards in October 2015! The IEUA-QNT, English Teachers Association of Queensland and James Cook University jointly sponsor annually a competition for school students throughout Queensland from both government and non-government schools and private schools throughout the Northern Territory and I have been asked to be the guest speaker/presenter. I am looking forward to the night!

As always, I am available for school visits and talks – please contact Speakers Ink.


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My new book ‘Fearless with Dad’ to be released July 2015!

I am very excited to announce that my new book Fearless with Dad, published by New Frontier and illustrated by fellow Brisbanite Giuseppe Poli, will be released in July 2015. Here is a sneak peak from the New Frontier 2015 Catalogue:NFP 2015 Catalogue_LR_2 up

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School visit to John Paul College, Daisy Hill, for Book Week 2014

I had a really wonderful time at John Paul College today – I received a very warm welcome from the fabulous librarians (thank you Marilyn). I spoke with 3 groups of year 2 students, with 2 classes in each group – so there were lots of great questions and comments! It was a big day!

I was even asked to draw a cat wearing a tutu – which is a first for me! I obliged and then with the next group I drew a stage and curtains for the cat ballerina…and then with the next group one bright girl suggested I draw flowers being thrown at our prima cat-erina! It was a lot of fun.

Here are a few photos of my visit.

Reading Max and George

John Paul College's library is a lovely space

John Paul College’s library is a lovely space

20140820_115140 20140820_084312 20140820_083443 I was asked to draw a cat wearing a tutu! Max and George


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Great school visit tips!

I am booked for 3 x 1 hour sessions for the Wednesday of book week – these are some great tips for preparation from The Drawing Room website. I don’t tend to use any technology although I did once read my book to a very large group of kids via a big screen. But that didn’t feel quite right. I like to get down amongst the kids and get talking to them. I also leave a book for the kids to write in and then I collect it a few weeks later – it is really neat reading what the kids have to say and what they thought of my presentations.

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Books From Our Backyard 2013 from the QWC is out now!

I took my son to GOMA today and we wandered up to the Queensland Writers Centre in the State Library (and, can I just say that the GOMA, QAG, SLQ, Queensland Museum and QPAC precinct is so fabulous and so great for people with kids!). I was thrilled to see Max & George out on display in the Books From Our Backyard area. The Books From Our Backyard 2013 pamphlet is out now! I was happy to see Max & George on the first page…which was mainly by virtue of my last name being at the start of the alphabet and children’s books being early in the booklet.

Max & George and the Books From Your Backyard booklet

Max & George and the Books From Our Backyard booklet


Books From Our Backyard

Me with Max & George and the Books From Our Backyard booklet in the SLQ

The Books From Our Backyard 2013 booklet is available in hardcopy from the Queensland Writers Centre but you can also view it here as a pdf. The depth and breadth of books written by Queensland authors shows that there are many wonderfully creative voices in Queensland, a State that I am proud to call my adopted home.

Also, watch out for the ‘Queensland Author’ orange sticker at bookshops! Thanks QWC – great work!


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I love this! Follow this man’s lead…

“Reading is not harmful”

Wise words. I love this story on a homeless man who gives free books to kids. We could all learn a lot from him. Go on, go give someone a book today!

I recently sent a few children’s books, including a signed copy of Max & George, to a charity in Cyprus. Must check if they have been received yet…

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The Importance of Stories, Traditions and Strengths in Happy Families

Last night I attended a Parent Masterclass at our school, St Paul’s, on, amongst other things, Developing Strong Relationships with Children. The session was facilitated by year 3 teacher Erin Casablanca and it was truly moving and inspiring. Erin discussed how a common denominator amongst happy families are these three things: story telling, valuing and continuing traditions and celebrating each other’s strengths. This struck a chord with me because I could see that this was something that we did in my family growing up. My parents and grandparents were forever telling stories about the old times and my Mom used to tell me stories that she would make up about a girl called Katrina. The stories often had a moral and loosely reflected what I was going through in my own life. We had a lot of traditions in our family – at Christmas, Hallowe’en, Easter etc. We always had dinner together and that was when we came together and discussed our day. And of course, there was a lot of praise for each other too. Stories, traditions, strengths = happy families!

Erin spoke about how these three things can be transferred into the classroom to make…happy classrooms! It makes so much sense it kind of blew my mind.

Of course, I was also interested in the story telling aspect of the session and Erin told a very moving Buddhist story called ‘First you, then me’. Read it here if you are interested. The entire evening was so wonderful and I had a bit of a revelation: St Paul’s isn’t just my son’s school – it is OUR school because we are all learning at the school.


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17 Spectacular Bookshops in Australia

Check out this list of 17 Spectacular Bookshops in Australia on BuzzFeed.

I would have added Archives Fine Books on Charlotte Street in Brisbane and also Riverbend Books in Bulimba (it has an amazing children’s book section).

Bookshops! Oh my goodness I love the smell and relaxing feel of a good book shop…and if I could hang out in a fictional bookshop I would want to go to Black Books (maybe would not be nice smelling or relaxing…but would be hilarious).

Happy Reading!

I feel very at home in the kid's book section!

The fabulous kid’s book section at Riverbend Books

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